New SAGU-OSL and current SAGU students who enter the OSL Program will enter at the normal SAGU tuition rate.  See the tuition/fees page HERE for further details.  Students will either pay the SAGU block tuition or on-campus tuition per hour and the standard general fee.  

Students who are 22 and older have the option of participating in the OSL Program at a tuition rate of $265 per credit hour.  

Program Fee

Each student will pay an internship charge of $500 per semester.  Students who do not pay this fee will not be allowed to continue in the program and will be ineligible for OSL and Oaks-related scholarship opportunities.  

Students can apply to become a Raving Fan of OSL and fulfill certain additional program promotional duties and receive a reimbursement of this fee.  The reimbursement opportunities come by the awarding of a scholarship and are applied in the following semester after a student completes one or both of the following: 

  • Student maintains a 3.5 GPA; and/or
  • Student recruits another student to enroll in the OSL Program.  


The current SAGU tuition rate is $9,996 per semester for a block of 12-15 credit hours.  SAGU-OSL students typically take 15 hours per semester, maximizing the cost outlayed per semester.  The annual tuition cost is $19,992 for a block of 24-30 credit hours.


Students have their choice of SAGU housing options with associated benefits and services at standard room and board changes.  All students who live in the dorm must comply with admissions requirements and abide by SAGU community standards.


SAGU-OSL students have the option of purchasing SAGU’s meal plan for the semester or year.  Students have the option of choosing one of the following choices:

On-Campus Standard Plan (required for all dorm residents)
15 Meals per week plus $125 Munch Money
12 Meals per week plus $200 Munch Money

On-Campus Unlimited Meal Plan
Unlimited Meals plus $125 Munch Money

For a detailed, SAMPLE COST PLAN, please click HERE.