OSL has made it our mission to help every student who wants to get practical, hands-on training to have access to this life-changing, leadership-growing experience.  No matter who you are or what OSL internship you're interested in, we have scholarships and grants to help you get there.  

You could be eligible for up to $29,800 of merit-based scholarships and need-based grants over the course of 4 years.  

Awards only available for either incoming or current Oaks School of Leadership (OSL) students.  Students who are on probationary status with either SAGU or OSL are not eligible for any scholarship assistance.  Students cannot receive more than one "award" or "grant."    


For students who exhibit superior performance in character and leadership service and who, secondly, excel in the classroom, OSL offers seven different scholarship opportunities.  These awards are given at the annual OSL End-of-Year Celebration.  


To help student access their OSL experience with minimal amounts of tuition debt, 3 different program grants are available.  Depending on the track (1-Year, 2-Year or 4-Year) students are awarded the program grant at the beginning of each semester upon their enrollment and course selection.