Department Opportunities

The Oaks School of Leadership has multiple internship opportunities spread across the following ministry departments: Oaks Worship, Oaks Kids, Oaks Local + Global (missions), Oaks Youth, Oaks Powerhouse (kids evangelism), Oaks School of Leadership, Pastoral Care, Connections, Creative Arts, Media, Spiritual Formation, Small Groups and Oaks Young Adults.  

SAGU-OSL also has business-related opportunities with local business partners of the Oaks Church.  Please schedule an appointment with the Oaks School of Leadership staff for more info on those opportunities.


To complete the leadership intensive internship-based course, students must participate a minimum of 120 hours over the course of the semester.  This averages out to about 8 hours per week (not including academic breaks). Due to the demands and “waves” on ministry, some weeks will require more hours, while some may require less to balance out the student’s schedule at 120 hours for the semester.  

For a detailed look at a “sample” weekly schedule for a SAGU OSL student, please click HERE.

25% Rule

Each pastor on staff at the Oaks Church is committed to developing these future leaders in ministry.  Our goal is that by the time a SAGU-OSL student graduates, they have the experience, fundamental understanding and ability to be successful in leadership.  

We know full well that leadership in ministry begins with relationship.  Mentorship is a key component of establishing a framework to train up and coming leaders.  To accomplish this, the Oaks Church requires that each pastor on staff invests 25% of their time and effort into mentoring these students.

Can any SAGU student participate in OSL? In ANY DEGREE? 

Yes.  The majority of students in the Oaks School of Leadership do major in one of the following three degree options:

  • BA in Church Leadership
  • BA in Business Career Paths
  • BS in Human Services

However, students who are not completing the BA in Church Leadership, BS in Human Services or BA in Business Career Paths (Non SAGU-OSL student) can participate in any of the internship opportunities as long as they pay the $200 semester fee to participate.  In these cases, the internship opportunities are considered optional and extracurricular for the students. Students who request this option must have and maintain a 2.25 GPA to participate.