Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the Oaks School of Leadership even exist?  Can't I just go to college and get the same experience?  

OSL exists so that you can take advantage of 4 years of leadership opportunity while you're still in college.  Why wait until you graduate? Get involved now.  Learn leadership now.  Take what you learn in the classroom and try it out.  This program allows students to try new things, make mistakes and learn from those mistakes.  All of this AND the extra scholarship opportunities!  

How far away is Oaks Church from SAGU?  What if I don't have transportation?  

The Oaks Church is approximately 6 miles away (5-10 minutes).  Many of our students carpool from SAGU to the Oaks Church.  We do have a number of students every year that enroll in the program without a vehicle.  Those students simply carpool with other students who already have vehicles (maybe chip in on gas or buy a White Rhino Coffee for the driver).  

What if I'm a transfer student and wanting to transfer in more than 30 hours of credit into SAGU?  Can I still participate in this program? 

Absolutely!  In fact, about half of our students our transfer students who have already completed a year or more of their university studies.  We welcome transfer students with open arms!  The only difference is that while other non-transfer students will be taking the  introduction course to the leadership-intensive program, you will take both the introduction and another leadership-intensive course.

I'm really nervous about not having enough free time to enjoy college?  Can you show me what a weekly schedule could look like?  

Of course!  For a detailed look at a potential weekly schedule, please click HERE.  Remember, the "Course D Options" are optional courses that you can participate in at Oaks Church as your schedule allows.   

Is this program accredited?  

Yes.  The Oaks School of Leadership is accredited through our university partner, Southwestern Assemblies of God University (SAGU).  SAGU is a private, non-profit university accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award associates, baccalaureate, masters and doctoral degrees.  

What if I'm over 22 years of age?  Is there a discounted tuition rate?  

Yes.  There is a discounted tuition rate of $265 per credit hour plus the $200/semester OSL site fee.  

Can I work a job while I'm enrolled in the program? 

Yes.  Many students choose the option to work in addition to their SAGU and OSL experiences.  This requires special approval from the Oaks School of Leadership and a 30-60 minute time management course that the student must complete.  

If I'm enrolled in the OSL Program am I still required to attend SAGU chapel?  

Students in the SAGU-OSL Program will attend Monday dorm devotions at SAGU, as well as, SAGU chapel on Wednesdays and Fridays.  Additionally, students are required to attend three (3) Class Connections on schedule Mondays each semester.  

On the Oaks campus, students will attend Oaks Prayer on Tuesday mornings at 9:00 AM (or after their Tuesday / Thursday 8 AM class) and a chapel service on Thursdays.