Leading Teams

This course emphasizes the development of highly successful teams for accomplishing ministry objectives and the orchestration of dynamic groups in face-to-face environments.

The Mission and the Message of Jesus

This course is a study of the ministry and teachings of Jesus as presented in the synoptic gospels. This course examines important themes in the synoptic gospels and develops students' skills in critical reading, interpretation and writing.

Survey of Leadership

This course examines the definition of leadership, specifically servant leadership, and provides essential practical steps a person can take to become a servant leader in any context.

Communication and Influence

This course examines the leader's behavior in sending messages to people through the organization, specifically focusing on the leader's ability to positively influence others to accomplish ministry objectives.

Strategic Management

This course studies the process and nature of strategic planning including the limitations and opportunities that managers face in the strategic planning process.

Principles of Management

Students will explore the functions of planning, controlling, organizing and leading in the management process.

The Credibility of a Leader

This course examines the importance and role of credibility in the leader's life, specifically emphasizing how leaders both gain and lose credibility and the value it has in developing key relationships.

Organizational Dynamics

This course details the concepts, theories, and modern practices regarding organizational structures and their development, specifically emphasizing how leaders can foster and manage organizational change.

Principles of Theology

This course is a study of the foundations of Christian theology, emphasizing basic themes in Christianity such as the knowledge of God, origin of sin, nature of humanity, the person and work of Jesus Christ, and the doctrine of the Holy Spirit.

Ministry of the Local Church

This course is an overview of the various kinds of ministry in the local church, emphasizing the importance of leadership and involvement of lay leaders (volunteers) in the local church.

Strategic Planning

This course is the study of the process of strategic planning including the limitations and opportunities that leaders face and the leader's responsibilities in minimizing those limitations and maximizing opportunity.

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit

This course is designed to train lay leaders in the experience of the baptism of the Holy Spirit, foundational principles of pneumatology (the study of the Holy Spirit) and the role of the Holy Spirit in the everyday life of the believer.

Effective Decision-Making

This course examines analytical and process skills for making effective decisions in positions of leadership.  Specific emphasis is placed on managing the organization's change process and solving problems.

The Acts of the Apostles

This course is a study of the New Testament work of Acts and the history and context of the first-century Christian church.  Special emphasis is given to the historical, literary, and cultural background of Acts as well as its overall theological message.

Spiritual Gifts

This course examines the historical, contextual and practical use of spiritual gifts, as detailed in 1 Corinthians.  Particular attention is paid to the ongoing development of spiritual gifts in a believer's life.

Spiritual Formation

The study of the personal and spiritual growth in the believer's life, utilizing practical tools and historical understanding for spiritual development.


This course explores the theology that deals with articulating the Christian faith, as well as, developing meaningful responses to common objections.  Students examine the nature of the relationship between faith and reason and implications arising from a postmodern context.

Prophetic Leadership

This course examines the role of prophetic leadership for the 21st Century Christian church, paying particular attention to the teachings of the Bible with regards to prophetic leadership and the examples outlined in Scripture.

Leading Like Jesus

This course examines the leadership style of Jesus, specifically his teachings, lifestyle, and priority of prayer.

The Power of Prayer

This course examines the role of prayer in the believer's life, paying particular attention to working prayer methods, a proper theology of prayer and an understanding of the importance of a daily prayer life.