Admissions requirements

If you're interested in our admissions requirements, please click HERE for a detailed checklist of all the materials needed for program entrance.  


The primary degrees offered in this program are the following:

  • BA in Church Leadership
  • BA in Business Career Paths
  • BS in Human Services

However, students pursuing other SAGU degrees at either the undergraduate or graduate level can apply to participate in the OSL Program while retaining eligibility for OSL and/or Oaks-related scholarship opportunities.  For a list of available degrees at SAGU, please click here:

The requirement for each degree is 120 credit hours (approximately 40 courses).  

12 of the courses will be taken face-to-face at the Oaks Church campus and they are as follows:

  • REL 1153 New Testament Literature
  • REL 1163 Old Testament Literature
  • BIB 2213 Bible Study
  • REL 1133 Authentic Christianity
  • THE 2113 Introduction to Theology & Apologetics
  • BIB 3483 Hermeneutics
  • CMN 3333 Systematic Theology I
  • THE 3123 Biblical Preaching
  • PMN 3363 Systematic Theology II
  • THE 3133 Biblical Preaching Lab
  • THE 2333 Pentecostal Doctrine & History
  • PMN 4413 Pastoral Leadership

8 of the courses are leadership intensive SAGU online courses that are internship-based in their approach.  Students take 1 of these courses each semester.  Transfer students have the option to combine the first introduction course with other leadership intensive courses if the need arises.  

The other 60 credit hours (approximately 20 courses) are fulfilled at the SAGU Main Campus or in an online format, depending on the student's preference for learning.